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Your comprehensive travel security solution

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An extensive suite of travel services

Horus Global is a comprehensive travel security service providing real-time alerts, advice and guidance for anyone working in, studying in, or visiting, unfamiliar places. It provides

  • Your own, personally-tailored, 24-7 total security package

  • Alerts and information on security, covid, and local news

  • An ‘always on’ safety and security app, on your own smartphone

  • Live monitoring and a 'check in’ facility to inform others of your location

  • Access to emergency services, instant advice, or just a helping hand

Horus Global travel app

  • Personally tailored, relevant information sent straight to you

  • Instantaneous real-time tracking of movements

  • Extra ‘watch me closely’ monitoring at touch of a button

  • 24/7 advice and help on hand from the Horus team

  • A big-picture view of everyone being monitored

What we do

What we do

Horus Global services have been specifically designed for students living abroad, employees in foreign postings, families or friends visiting unfamiliar countries – anywhere that difficult locations present safety and security concerns.


The Horus Global travel suite provides all the latest data on the covid pandemic, including travel restrictions. It also offers 24-7 access to senior experts in security, who are on hand to provide personal advice and information for any situation, at any time, anywhere in the world.


The Horus-i custom-built app and control panel provides real-time alerts, data and tracking, including:

Why Horus?

Horus Global team

Our team

Our team is highly experienced in the fields of intelligence, investigation, and analysis, and is led by senior experts with a lifetime of operating in complex, sensitive environments.

Horus Global technology


We use technology to provide bespoke, high quality services, drive innovation, and fuel ideas and solutions provided by our own in house R&D team.

Horus Global worldwide coverage

Global coverage

We have a highly responsive operations base covering Europe, the Far East, Middle East, and US, providing a 24/7 round-the-world service.

Convenience, reassurance, and peace of mind

Horus Global services have been designed to provide peace of mind and convenience. They have been developed with Horus clients and customers based on their direct needs. They are also continually being refined still further, based on ongoing feedback.

All the key features of the Horus-i app are accessible at the touch of a button. The interface has been made easy to use, and the alerts and tracking system are also intuitive. The control panel function can provide an overview of anything from small groups to hundreds of users. The app is highly customisable not just from a user perspective, but from the client end too. It can be integrated with existing technology, and white-labelled if required.

The reassurance that Horus Global brings will make any travel easier and hassle-free, giving the colleague, student or family back at home confidence that in the event of anything going wrong, there is always a safety net in place.

Horus Global - train station


Individual Clients


Customer Clients



Horus Global - instant travel alert

Find out more

For more information, please download our brochure by clicking here.

Or follow the link below for the dedicated Horus-i app website.

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Horus Global travel app alert

The tailor-made travel security app delivering real-time alerts, information and tracking,  for any incident, event, individual or group, anywhere in the world.

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For any enquiries please call:

UK: +44 203 9466 753

Singapore: +65 6920 8072 

Alternatively, fill out the following form:

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Additional services

Horus Global is part of the Horus Security Consultancy group, which provides a full range of services beyond just travel security.

For more details see below or click here for the Horus Security website


Comprehensive 24/7 alert and intelligence insight service

  • Timely accurate summaries

  • Bespoke requirements

  • Strategic threat assessments

  • Comprehensive open-source monitoring

Security Screening

High quality, high volume security screening service

  • Bespoke online client interface

  • Pre & existing employment checks

  • Open source checks

  • BS7858 & BPSS

  • Criminal record (DBS) checks


Expert and highly specialised in-depth investigations service

  • Law enforcement expertise

  • Complex criminal investigation experience

  • Vulnerability and due diligence assessments

  • Product and brand security

Security Consultancy

Specialist, accredited advice on security consultancy needs

  • Security design advice

  • Security Needs Assessments for BREEAM

  • SABRE Assessor & SABRE Professional

  • Security Reviews

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